Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence is a system of leadership qualities that exists in a leadership team.

These qualities are interrelated so that they modify and strengthen each other when they are aligned. Leaders’ philosophy and personality intelligence influence how each quality is expressed.

These abilities are employed by leaders to create a line of strategic questioning:

  • What is likely to happen that will mean new threats, opportunities, and demands?
  • What should I do about:
    • Designing products and services that will gain and retain customers and an organization that can create and distribute these offerings?
    • Building an effective team of people who share my philosophy and purpose, with qualities that complement mine?
    • Motivating and empowering the organization to achieve great results?

Program Objectives

This leadership development experience is intended for senior leaders and those who aspire to positions of senior leadership. It is supported by a kit of participant materials that become invaluable post-course references as leaders continue their journey and develop the skills necessary to:

  • Create, communicate, and implement a compelling strategy and vision that go beyond financial goals to include organizational contributions to a better future
  • Create, enhance, or restore trust with a skeptical workforce
  • Inspire, motivate, and lead a diverse workforce
  • Select and work with partners who complement these leaders’ strengths
  • Create a leadership system within an organizational context
  • Manage conflict productively
  • Increase receptivity to change and decrease resistance to change
  • Increase skills in systems thinking
  • Develop and communicate their leadership philosophy.